zero waste community

I’m involved in a very special project, here in my native Brazil. Brazil is a vast country, where many people survive only with minimal state assistance.

Our project is called Zero Waste Community, it happens in a distant Indian village, of a tribe called Yawanawá. The problem with this community is that, on the one hand, some customs of civilization have already reached them, such as the consumption of plastic and other solid waste, on the other, the distance traveled between the nearest town and the village, and the absence of a Public policy for the management of waste generated in the Amazon forest, ends up being a major problem for the environment, and, this solid waste issue remains in the forest.

Our project aims to help the Indians with a minimum management of this waste, giving them autonomy to store for a certain period, and then, to cast the material to the nearest town, thus making the toxic material not be in the forest. To do this, we will build a warehouse, donate a boat, and do a waste management exchange with village officials.

To learn more about the project, I would like to invite you to visit our crowdfunding page. Link  below:

senhor da floresta redux



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