directed look

The focus is one of the fundamental elements of photography. Without it, we basically failed to direct the viewer’s gaze. There are photographers who are perfectionists and there are others, linked to photo journalism, that not so much. Robert Capa even wrote a book called ‘Slightly Out of Focus’ – and one of the most important photographs in history, a record of it on D-Day of World War II is in this way, slightly out of focus

This photograph below illustrates a way to direct the viewer’s gaze where to follow the photographer’s desire. The photographer has the whole picture to do this, and I did it in the most common segment, the center. Although the wide-angle lens customarily leaves every frame in focus, certainly the center, to which I have pointed out, has more than the surrounding elements.

paisagem da mente17.jpg



4 thoughts on “directed look

  1. I kept staring at this picture so I am compelled to leave a comment. Dramatic–this is what comes to mind. And I do love black and white photos. There is an entirely different feel in them. I am a little tempted and inspired now to try out a shot for black and white. Thank you for this. 🙂


    1. I think was Wim Wenders, the German filmaker, who said once, ‘life is in color, reality is on black and white’ I do believe on this quote! Thanks for your comment. I was really happy reading this 🙂

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