the wings of desire

Sometimes I perceive subtle links between words between one day or another. It may be that they are chosen by chance, randomly, and there is no explicit relationship between them. Who knows? But look at today’s word compared to yesterday’s word, what is distant, is not only part of the imaginary?

I had my coffee this morning thinking about it. Everything that is out of the reach of our eyes, that is, distant from us, is part of the imaginary field. And thinking more about it, still according to yesterday’s word and my article, and relating it to today’s, few things have touched the human imagination as the challenge of overcoming distances.

Imagine a man in Portugal in the sixteenth century, looking at that vast Atlantic in front of him, wondering what would be on the other side. How many centuries had this man stood there wondering what would be on the other side? (easy, 15 centuries :p) For a long time, distance was for man one of the great challenges to be overcome.

Anyway, this is a good word to write about, precisely because of it, because it touch so much with our imaginary, and beyond, our emotions! Who has never suffered for being away from a love, away from a loved one, a relative, a great friend, or even a dog? Notice that these emotions are conditioned by the fact that we have far away what we would like to have within our reach. I find it interesting to note this.

Any poetry or expression of this feeling will have some relation to our imaginary (again relating to yesterday’s word, it just seems too late not to connect the two!). What is far away it usually touch our deep emotions: like missing someone;  projecting ourselves into a place that we would like to be, and so on. Very often we would fall in that aspect, also touched by me in previous posts, on fantasies and unfulfilled desires. The distance, in the human mind, gives wings to the desire. By it we project ourselves to places we are not, and we fantasize people who are not with us.



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