the happy person has no fantasies

I am interested in everything that has to do with the human mind. Not that I am a big connoisseur of the subject, but as observing it and being exposed to its mechanisms of action is part of my daily life and of my experience as a human being, it is one of the subjects that most fascinate me.

The imagination is an inherent capacity of humans; And a characteristic which, in the animal kingdom, apparently only human beings possess. The imaginary, the human capacity to project things or himself in hypothetical situations, both past and future, is like a double-edged sword: on the one hand, our imagination is one of the aspects that feeds our intelligence; On the other, it is a factor that prevents us from living the present.

A few days ago, in the post about the word detonate, I quoted Freud when I referred to the energy that I waste to “detonate” my fantasies. When I see myself imagining things a lot, making a future and an abstract past in my mind, I realize that it’s time to stop; That fantasizing leads nowhere. I have “problems” with this sometimes. I am a dreamer.

The happy person has no fantasies, since fantasies are unsatisfied yearnings.

It said this in that post. On the one hand, imagination is at the service of unsatisfied yearnings, which in Freud’s theory, consequently leads us to repress ourselves in a similar mechanism as described above. On the other hand, imagination is at the service of an inexhaustible ability of the human being, which is our creative power. Creativity is what led homo sapiens so far, for good and for evil.

Therefore, imagination, is one of our most important and is indispensable ability to live and survive, it is part of our nature, it is a blessing of our species. At the same time, like everything else in life, we must find balance on it. This essentially human characteristic must also be observed with a certain detachment, both when we do not have it and when we have too much –  because, to imagine nothing makes us sterile and stupid, while giving much space to the imagination within our minds, is also a way of attracting suffering to ourselves and to others.



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