patagonia exposure – a photography expedition

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Is a project I am working on.

My idea is to explore and register with my camera the most beautiful landscapes of Patagonia in a single trip. Check the map below.

Landscape Photography is my passion. And Patagonia is just the place I want to live and explore.

I’m editing my first photo book about this. Landscapes​ of the Mind  is inspired on Patagonia too.

For Patagonia Exposure, my project is to produce a photo book counting around 300 images.

This book will help me on rising the resources I need. In a couple of weeks it will be released.

I am pooling resources to carry out an eight-month expedition – from Ushuaia in Argentina to Santiago in Chile.

I need about $8000 to carry out this project.

You can contribute with any amount so I can bring breathtaking pictures and inspirational stories.

Besides the texts posted here, I will also produce a channel on youtube about this adventure.

For amounts over $50, you will receive a photograph on fine art paper. I will ship to anywhere in the world.

Visit my professional website to know more about my work:

Project’s website is

For any question or suggestions about the #PatagoniaPhotographyExpedition , please, write me at

The contribution is totally secure, via paypal

Thank you for your support!

Expedition Map

patagonia expedition map.jpg


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