instapress, a new post category in my blog 

I decided to start a new category here on my blog – the instapress– where I will bring my feed on Instagram to here 🙂 It is gonna be like my daily photo post. The ideal is to work in Instagram like I am doing in my blog, on daily basis. I work with photography but I do not have a very active Instagram account. I must change it, I know. I just do not find Instagram so nice as blogging.

But for professional reasons I must improve my work on this network too. I use Instagram to display my work on landscape photography – this is what you most gonna see on these kind posts. I will start since the beginning of my 44 posts on this app. The difference to see here than in the app, is, here in wordpress, I will drop some lines about the story behind the shot.

For exemple, on this shot, during my first trip to patagonia, I was in place called Laguna Capri. I went alone to this trip. Camping wild, hiking, and taking photographs –  as I like to travel. The nice thing about this activity is to wait the perfect moment, as in this case, to let the light touch a certain point in the frame, and capture it. I remember the joy that was this afternoon, except for the cold. In patagonia can be really cold even in the summer. I have a lot of photographs of this travel, you gonna see more of it – Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Argentina.

#landscape #mountains #elcalafate #patagonia #argentina

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