where were we before we were born?

Living without a trace is perhaps one of the impossible things. Life itself is the trail of something we still can not understand, maybe we never will. We went through it trying to decipher what was before here, to try to make our future something less abstract. The vestige is a concrete mark of a concrete past.

A trace is the material proof of a moment that has passed, the trace is like a photograph, but that can be even more enigmatic. Photography is the most concrete vestige of life.

Once Arthur Schopenhauer said that the big question is not where we go after dying, but where were we before we were born? In other words, the search for evidences of another existence, our traces, however distant and abstract they may seem, may contain answers to many enigmas.

via Sugestão diária: Trace



7 thoughts on “where were we before we were born?

  1. A simple yet thought provoking piece! I can’t agree more that we, as humans, are always in constant search of evidence that could trace us back to our origins and ultimately, answer most of our mysteries. Great job.

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  2. It is indeed an enigma, where do we come from? Why are we here? What is the purpose of being here? Where do we go after death? They are all enigmas and conundrums of life. Love the way that you talk about photographs may be the prove, seeing is believing, but what if we could not perceive such things? Haha. Interesting write-up. May consider ‘hope’. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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