one week

One week of blogging in alter oculos. It’s being nice so far. Much better to do it in English. For sure. Much more engagement and visitors​. I wonder what else to do to improve it. I will keep posting, for sure, but I ask myself in terms of the post I did few days ago: What is the best way for my ideas, my posts, my videos to reach as many people as possible? Should I care about it, or just keep posting? I think I need a travel and write about. It is so cliche, but so nice! I am afraid that I am turning addicted of blogging! In any case is better than to be addicted to Facebook or Twitter, isn’t it? I am actually using less those networks since I started blogging here. I feel more connected with my own ideas, and learning with people who is blogging a long time. And of course, I am practicing my English. So, let’s keep it up. 


First week of this blog – 123 visitors – 209 views – 17 posts – 14 followers.

I’m sure many of you achieve more than this with only one single post or a couple of them.

It’s a matter of….. not sure yet 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


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