the wisdom of the forest

This grandfather lives in a indian tribe located in northeast of Brazil. He is member of Yawanawá tribe. They live in a very remote location. To get there we must travel by boat for two days, if the weather permits. It was one of the most beautiful travel I did in my life. I actually had the privilege to go there working in social project. This gave me the possibility to see my country in a way that I could not imagine, in many ways. I discover a population called ‘ribeirinhos’. They are people who lives by the river, in a plenty contact with nature, in a very exuberant rain forest. Time seems pass slower here, like that american  song – sitting in the dock of the bay -. However, is not a easy life at all. The distance to the next village, the lack of schools and hospitals, the oil price to feed their boats…are some aspects that makes life here bit harder than in a town. But most of them choose the life by the river. I talked to a lady who told me that she had not been to the city for over a year. Another Indian told me that he did not need the money to raise his children. It was a great experience to have met these people. I had no idea how vast my country is.

For me, this photo translates the theme of the week, because this old man carries with him an immense inheritance of wisdom. The wisdom of the forest. Please, check my website to see more: / e-mail:


senhor da floresta redux



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