the glaciers

After three days I started this blog, I am quite happy about noticing how to write a blog in English is better for reaching many more people. I mean, it would not be a surprise at all -, many more people communicate themselves in English than Portuguese; my surprise actually has more to do with more engagement that people who writes in english has on WordPress plataform. My posts here at alter oculos has three times more views, more likes and till now few more comments per post than my main portuguese blog. It is being very fun to develop this space and I am confident that it will grow if I keep writing on daily basis.

It is also being a motivation to translate my Kindle ebooks to English too. Why not? I have few books in Portuguese published in the Amazon plataform, it will certainly reach a bigger audience. I just were bit lazy to do it before, to be honest. But my experience writing this blog is giving me the courage I needed to execute this idea. I hope in the coming days I will back with this news. I thought about paying a professional to do this work for me, but I was not sure if the investment was worth it. So, I think it’s time to roll up my sleeves and do it myself.

The book mixes fiction with a real story that I lived during a trip I made to Patagonia Argentina. The initial idea was to just write a book about adventure within the genre travel stories, but it turned out to be a semi-fiction, so to speak.


The report of a solitary trip to one of the most remote places of the planet: Patagonia. João Fonte is a journalist who has just lost his job. With his last savings he decides to embark for an adventure to the National Park Los Glaciares, in the south of Argentina. The narrative of the trip is filled with personal reflections on the meaning of adventure, and on encounters and mismatches with a woman who mysteriously crosses and disappears from her way amid the park’s trails; But above all, the book tells the protagonist’s search for his personal freedom. Did John find such freedom?



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