put your soul

Rather than propagating ideas, this posting is more likely to propagate inquiries. I think one of the questions that bloggers, artists, and people involved in the field of communication in general make themselves before and during the process of building your channel, your blog, website and any other media or communication activity – be it online or offline : What is the best way for my ideas, my posts, my videos to reach as many people as possible? How do I know that my idea will be relevant to someone? Does it really matter? That is, should I write about things that interest me personally, or, look at the trends, what is being talked about, and surf this wave, even if I, in my heart, have no affinity with such a subject?

Perhaps, these questions have answers in the field of digital marketing, but if everyone followed the digital marketing booklet, I mean , set their keywords to be SEO friendly, and subtly introduce them in the post; have a strong presence on social networks; be an authority on the subject of your channel; and many other methods that I do not know, but I’ve read about … if everyone followed the digital marketing booklet, that would certainly not be a path to success, I guess … I mean, do you really think that following this technique is enough to propagate your idea in the world of networks, blogs and videos? Honestly, I’m more inclined to think that technique is rather important at this time, but we can not become a technician without a soul. I think that if we do what we do without a heart – and this holds true for any field or activity of life – such an idea can hardly prosper. And even if it thrives, spreading bad ideas will certainly not bring you good karma (I will not make a definition of what a bad idea is)

In short, we live in an age where we are all potential communicators. And somehow we all follow the trends of the moment. Blogging ideas; have a channel on youtube; a twitter that radiate opinions; an instagram that spreads a certain way of life. These activities, each time, are part of a very current culture. Far from being called a high culture – in fact these activities are so vulgar that calling it culture maybe is wrong, has more to do with a kind of new social behaviors or socioeconomic trends and I do not know what else. A few experts who join original ideas with digital marketing techniques can create the trends. Others, are so original, simply can spontaneously viralize information that becomes relevant to many people, even over a span of a few days or hours. Whether the idea is good or bad, I am fascinated by this age of information we are living. The possibility of writing about some subject, taking a photo about some theme (speaking artfully) and sharing it, showing my videos; And see that the scope of this is all on a global scale, knowing that this post, for example, will be read in a few minutes by someone in Denmark, Nigeria, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Australia – that this idea will be disseminated in a click – this still impresses me, and motivates me to keep it on.

We all want our ideas to be spread out the world. Machines, SEO systems, the age of information technology in the service of these ideas, be they good or bad, help us in this goal. And perhaps, as in a sort of natural selection, the best ideas thrive, or at least the most relevant to a particular niche, at a certain moment. But the machine is not everything. The technique of disseminating ideas, digital marketing, should not be the main axis and motivation to spread knowledge and experiences. We should not become technicians without a soul.


PS: sorry if my english is not perfect. I do my best writing correctly. Please, leave a feedback about it. 0 to 10, where my english is? thank you!


4 thoughts on “put your soul

  1. Your English is good, using the precise technique to present your ideas to a wide field of readers. Loving the way you set the readers into great pondering when you purvey us with a writing that encapsulates a broad perspective, covering many intriguing ideas at a time. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


  2. wowww, your comment made my day!!! thank you very much! I learned this writing reading Spanish writer Javier Marías, really recommend him – he gives us many points​ of view 🙂


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