what inspires you?

I recently wrote an article on my other blog about it (my other blog is in portuguese, my native language); that text was also based on the daily promts, where I was speaking about the spiritual effect of being in touch with fully and truth sensation of freedom. At the time the word was survive.

Inspiration means something that incites the ability of a person, or an artist, to his or her creation. Freedom for me is a theme of inspiration, not only in my texts, but also in my photography, because much of my goals as an ‘artist’ or creator is to transmit, or retransmit, that feeling of freedom that I had experienced in another time. And these supreme, spiritual sensations of freedom, as I have said, is usually experienced in large outdoor spaces, in the mountains.

For Ansel Adams, “a great picture” has to be “a full expression of what the person feels about what is photographed in the deepest sense, and is therefore a true expression of what one feels about life as in Its all “.

I found this passage in Susan Sontag’s book On Photography, one of the first posts I made this year, the first book I read this year as well. Ancel Adams is one of the greatest names in the history of photography. I identify myself a lot with his work, because he is a specialist of landscape photos. I have much to learn analyzing his work.

To end the post, I will use, therefore, as the result of what I feel about what is photographed, a photo that reminds me the freedom I feel in outdoor spaces, in the mountains. I’m not sure if other recipients of the image –  you – can capture what a priori was my intention. Perhaps for most of you, such image is just a landscape photograph, nothing more. For me, who was there, witnessing the moment, is something more than that. It is a memory of how difficult it was to get there, a relief from finally being able to see the refuge where I would sleep that night, and especially the awareness of how small I was in the face of the immensity of that mountain range. This photo was taken in July 2012 in the Picos de Europa National Park, in Spain.

picos de europa redux.jpg

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