too lazy

Am I too lazy?

Some people say I am. It is beacuse I take too easy to do things I have to do.

I have no worries, because in the end, things are done. Except to clean my swiming pool… It is there, wating for me. I do not like swiming pools any more. Too much work for me.

But I have to say, procrastinating is not a virtue, on the contrary, it is an addiction. A bad addiction. Yes, some people say that make things slowly is healthy, take easy is good, but surely, leave things for later is often a bad idea.

I’m doing a self criticism here. It’s easier to write than do!

In fact, I envy practical people, people of action, who solve their tasks with a blink of an eye.

Finishing the tasks gives pleasure, I can feel it sometimes.

I wonder what enormous pleasure I will feel when I see that  god damn clean swiming pool.



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